The link between chiropractic care and a healthy immune system

Chiropractors have known for years that taking care of your spinal health can lead to better physical health, as well. Now, research is uncovering the same link. A study in the Journal of Physiological and Manipulative Therapeutics showed that the health of a person’s immune system may be directly affected by the health of a person’s nervous system. In the study, white blood cells were shown to have receptor sites for chemicals produced by the nervous system. According to Chiropractic America, this suggests that white blood cells can communicate with the nervous system.

Researchers concluded that spinal misalignments can cause harm to a person’s immune system by interrupting the link between the nervous system and immune system. People who visit their chiropractor regularly may be able to stay healthier by restoring that communication and correcting any interruptions. Use your True Dental Discounts health plan to find a chiropractor who can help you learn more about the connection between a healthy immune system and chiropractic care. By using your plan, you can save a lot of money on preventative care that can help increase your overall wellness and happiness.


Causes of a painful tongue

People often think about the dentist as a professional that deals with teeth. In reality, however, dentists are concerned with the entire mouth including your tongue. For this reason, he or she may talk to you about the appearance of your tongue and why your tongue affects your overall health.

One of the biggest problems people experience with their tongue is having it be sore and bumpy. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, there are several causes of a sore tongue, including trauma, canker sores, smoking, and oral cancer. The most obvious cause, trauma, can be a result of biting your tongue or burning it on something that’s too hot. When this happens, the tongue may continue to be sore until the injury heals. Smoking, however, is a more permanent habit that causes damage through irritation; people who smoke frequently may find that their tongue feels unpleasant.

Canker sores or mouth ulcers  can also cause temporary pain and bumps on your tongue. No one knows what causes these sores, but stress is thought to be a trigger. Finally, although not common, sores/bumps that do not go away after a couple weeks could be a sign of oral cancer.

Talk to your dentist about any tongue abnormalities you notice so you can get started on a treatment plan if necessary. By taking care of your tongue, you can improve your overall health.

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Is there too much sugar in your diet?

We all know that eating a lot of sugar can have negative effects on our physical health. It can cause weight gain, energy swings and a weakened immune system. But what effects does sugar have on your oral health?

According to the American Dental Association, when bacteria/plaque comes into contact with sugar in a person’s mouth, the acid that gets produced can damage teeth for 20 minutes or longer. Over time, this damage results in tooth decay. In addition, foods that are high in sugar are often filled with empty calories and lack other nutrients that are good for your health. These sugary foods can lead to poor nutrition, which the ADA suggests can lead to faster progression of gum disease.

Dietary habits are often developed in childhood, so it’s especially important for adults to teach their kids to eat healthily and get plenty of fruits, vegetables and calcium from a young age. Other precautionary steps include drinking a lot of water, limiting snacks in between meals, brushing twice a day, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly. It may also help to keep track of all the food you eat so you can chart your progress and notice patterns of sugary food consumption.

Talk to your dentist about your eating habits and develop a plan to cut back on sugar-filled foods. It’s a commitment that will benefit your body and your teeth!

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