Using a syringe for prescription medication

When a young child is sick, it can be difficult to give him of her the proper dose of medication recommended by your pediatrician. For instance, while older children can drink the medicine from a small cup, young children have not yet mastered that skill. In this case, the experts at recommend using a syringe to administer the medication. To do this, parents should “squirt the medicine into the back of the child’s mouth” because it will be less likely to drip out. Many syringes are equipped with caps to minimize the risk of leakage, but it is crucial to remove the cap before giving the child the recommended dose because it poses a choking hazard.

Ideally, parents should look for syringes specially made for children, but hypodermic syringes can also work; just remember to take the needle out! For more information about administering medication to young children, talk to a pediatrician or pharmacist on your True Dental Discounts RX plan. True Dental Discounts members can save up to 60 percent on most prescription medications. Why wait?

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