Did you know? Weightlifting can damage your vision

Picture your normal workout routine: Does weightlifting put a strain on your muscles? Are you sore the next day? According to researchers at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, lifting weights may also be putting severe pressure on your eyes. This group of researchers found that intraocular pressure greatly rises during a strenuous physical activity like weightlifting, particularly for people who hold their breath during the lift. This additional pressure is likely the result of increased pressure in the chest while the person holds his breath.

Although the intraocular pressure was found to be only temporary during the study, researchers concluded that over time, lifting improperly can pose a dangerous risk for people predisposed to glaucoma, a serious eye condition that leads to blindness. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend that weightlifters continue to breathe normally during repetitions, as regular exhaling can decrease the amount of pressure in the eye. For more information about weightlifting and your vision, talk to an eye doctor on your True Care Advantage vision plan.

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